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Interns Needed

The Evelyn Beatrice Longman Internship Program is designed to provide experience and exposure to professional work in an archival/research environment to undergraduate and graduate students. Internships are available throughout the school year, as well as during the summer. Working from their own universities and communities, interns will participate in research activities conducive to their academic and professional growth.

Students who wish to obtain academic credit for their internship must make their own arrangements with their college or university. Under limited and special circumstances, some high school students may be admitted to the program.

Internships encourage students to explore careers in the archival profession by working on a variety of special projects. These include the preparation of guides and finding aids to the archives, the archival research in several different archives, the processing of documents, the maintenance of the web site, and other tasks to meet the author’s needs. 

A background in computers, art history, American studies, or American history is desirable. The work requires good research, analytical, and writing skills. 

While archival researchers are needed from around the country, specific archives to be researched in New York City include: Frick Library, New York Public Library, archives of the National Academy of Design, archives of the New York Historical Society, archives of the National Sculpture Society, archives of the National Academy of Design, archives of American Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the archives of various gallery and auction houses.

How to Apply

Email a cover letter concerning career objectives in seeking an internship at the Archives of Evelyn Beatrice Longman, a transcript, résumé, and two letters of recommendation.

There are no deadlines. The author accepts applications throughout the year. No stipend is offered, and interns work on average 10 hours per week for 10 weeks.