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Talks and Tours


Lee lectures nationally and internationally on a wide variety of art-historical and esthetic issues.  His lectures on art history and art appreciation have been heard at such notable universities as: Harvard, Yale, Duke, Virginia Tech, Penn State University, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, University of Memphis, Virginia Commonwealth University, George Mason University and the University of Toronto.

He is best known for his dynamic and engaging lecturing style.  Showing a great passion for his subject, he encourages each attendee to integrate art into their own lives. 


Also, Mr. Sandstead has developed relationships with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. and is available for private and corporate tours.

If you would like to schedule a lecture or tour, please contact Mr. Sandstead at: arthistory@sandstead.com

Sample Talks

I'm Having an Art Attack!

Evelyn Beatrice Longman (1874-1954)—Master Sculptor; Guidepost

Revolution in Glass—The American Stained-Glass Movement (1880-1910)

Why I LOVE art!

The Only Two Art-History Texts Under My Pillow

How to USE Art Like a Computer

Unearthing the Nineteenth Century

Why Art History Needs Fine Art Dealers—Desperately

The Gothic Cathedral—Integrity in Space and Light

Appreciating Victory

Intimacy in Philosophy and Art

Daniel Chester French—Consummate Idealist

How to Appreciate Art

The Birthplace of Objective Art—The Greek Temple of Aphaea at Aegina

Understanding Narrative Art

Hall of Fame of Great Americans—Recovering Our Past

Why Artists Need Philosophy and Why Philosophers Need Art