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Mr. Sandstead lectures on a wide variety of art-historical and esthetic issues.  His lectures on art history and art appreciation have been heard at such notable universities as: Yale University, Duke University, Virginia Tech, Penn State University, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, University of Memphis, Virginia Commonwealth University, George Mason University and the University of Toronto.


He is best known for his dynamic and engaging lecturing style.  Showing a great passion for his subject, he encourages each attendee to integrate art into their own lives. 


Lecture Titles:


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Evelyn Beatrice Longman (1874-1954)—Master Sculptor; Guidepost


Revolution in Glass—The American Stained-Glass Movement (1880-1910)


Unearthing the Nineteenth Century


The Gothic Cathedral—Integrity in Space and Light


Appreciating Victory


Intimacy in Philosophy and Art


Daniel Chester French—Consummate Idealist


How to Appreciate Art


The Birthplace of Objective Art—The Greek Temple of Aphaea at Aegina


Understanding Narrative Art


Hall of Fame of Great Americans—Recovering Our Past



Evelyn Beatrice Longman--“Genius of Electricity,” 1915, Gilded Bronze, Bedminster, NJ.

Photography Lee sandstead


Evelyn Beatrice Longman (1874-1954)--

Master Sculptor; Guidepost

Illustrated lecture—two hrs

If someone told you that there was a 12 ½ foot, bronze portrait bust of Thomas Edison—a masterpiece—would you believe him?  If someone told you that there was a 30-foot, gilded bronze statue of a winged, nude male called the Genius of Electricity—again a masterpiece—would you believe him?  Surely images such as these would be known by everyone, right?  Wouldn’t both of these images proliferate through prints and other media?


But yet these two pieces exist, right in front of our eyes, in everyday life.  But, tragically, few people know of their existence.  They are certainly not written about, not photographed and can only be found in obscure, dated art-historical texts.  Why?  After 100 years of modernism, these two masterpieces—and hundreds more—have been buried.


The 12 ½ foot bronze portrait bust of Thomas Edison (1952)—the only portrait that he ever sat for--is in Washington D.C. at the Naval Research Laboratory.  The 30-foot Genius of Electricity (1915), while now at AT&T’s world headquarters in Bedminster, NJ, once stood atop a skyscraper in NYC. 


In both cases, the artist is Evelyn Beatrice Longman, one of America’s greatest sculptors.  Today, she is all but forgotten.


Over the past year, art-historian Lee Sandstead has traveled through several states locating, documenting and photographing the many works of Evelyn Longman.  What he has found, quite simply, is amazing.  Come to this stirring illustrated lecture to learn more about Evelyn Longman and learn for yourself why she is a master sculptor—and guidepost.